Headhunting Is a Matter of Trust

You Can Rely on Us

The success of any company starts and finishes with its employees. Their personality, competence and motivation are the deciding factors in identifying potential, implementing ideas and achieving results. In short: people make the difference.


With more than three decades of experience in personnel consulting and executive search, we find the best candidates for your company. Together with our clients, we work out a detailed profile for the desired candidate and identify those personalities who have the necessary experience, the professional expertise, and, last but not least, the “cultural fit” that the company needs to develop its strategies and hold its own against the competition. To this end, we design an individual search strategy and use our powerful network and state-of-the-art diagnostic methods. With our expertise, we not only identify the most suitable candidates, but also win the top performers for our clients. Because the best ones are rarely looking, they have to be won over.


With our seven locations in Germany, we are always close by. For international searches, we are available to our clients through our global network, IESF.

Digital Transformation Requires New Profiles and Search Paths

Digitalisation, globalisation and demographic change – these are some of the megatrends that have been shaping the world of work for some time now. The digital transformation places new and higher demands on employees. Established job and task profiles are changed, replaced or new ones are added. Candidates with appropriate profiles and digital fluency must be found and won over in a competitive market.


Against this background, search methods have also changed. Social media and countless online tools for recruiting and assessing people suggest speed, reach and objectivity. Automation and artificial intelligence also promise to take over the pre-selection of candidates. But which online and offline solutions lead to success? We use a variety of search paths and channels. Digital and analogue, not “either/or”, but “and”. We use the optimal tools for each project step – making the best decisions and finding the top candidates for our clients.