We Don't Hunt for Heads.

We Find Them.

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We Don't Hunt for Heads.​
We Find them.

Modern personnel search through headhunting

Best Candidates
for Your Company's Success

The success of any company depends on its employees. Their personality, competence and motivation are the deciding factors in identifying potential, implementing ideas and achieving results. In short: people make the difference.

With over 7,000 successfully completed search projects and more than three decades of experience in personnel consulting and executive search, we find the best candidates for your company. You can meet TOPOS consultants in person at our offices in Hamburg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich – and for international searches we are available to our clients through our global network IESF.

Winning Candidates

Understanding Your Needs.
Finding the Best.

A search project starts with a thorough analysis of the client company and a detailed task and requirement profile, which we develop with our clients. On this basis, we identify candidates with the required experience, professional expertise and personal qualities that meet the company needs to develop its strategies. To do so, we design an individual search strategy, use our powerful network and work with the latest scientific diagnostic methods.

With our headhunting know-how, we identify the best-fit top executives, but also recruit them for our clients. In the fierce competition for specialists and executives, this ability is crucial. The best in their field are hardly looking for a new job, but must be convinced of the opportunities offered by a new position. The quality of the approach to candidates is therefore decisive for the search project’s success. Our consultants have many years of experience and industry knowledge from their own careers in specialist and management positions, which guarantee access to top personalities and ensure communication at eye level. In critical phases, they act as mediators and can remove any stumbling blocks to ensure that negotiations are successful.


In every headhunting project, it is important to adapt the procedure and processes to the individual circumstances of each search. Nevertheless, there are some anchor points that should not be missing in any project to ensure a functioning consulting process that ultimately leads to success:

  1. Requirement Profile
  2. Target Company List
  3. Active Search Process
  4. Interviews and Reports of the Consultants
  5. Interviews in the Company
  6. Verification & Contracts
  7. Active Onboarding
  8. We Stay in Contact!

Modern recruiting through headhunting

More and more companies
rely on headhunters

Employees desperately wanted! That’s the current word in most industries and for almost all levels in companies. The now very tight candidate market and the new expectations of young employees are making the search for personnel an increasingly difficult task for companies. Even the most interesting positions can no longer be filled without active intervention.

Quite a few companies are increasingly despairing of the empty personnel market and their recruitment problems. Often, they lack the special methodological knowledge as well as the personnel resources to reach the sought-after candidates in a targeted and efficient manner and to win them for the job. In view of this challenge, the importance of using qualified external personnel consultancies is growing. With their networks, processes and methods, they offer the possibility of finding the right candidates from a few potential candidates by means of professional headhunting.

In addition to the core services – search, selection and recruitment of executives and experts – management diagnostics is becoming an increasingly important part of the consulting portfolio: Most of the personnel selection projects carried out today involve the use of aptitude diagnostics, as more and more companies are relying on the expertise of headhunters in this area in order to leave nothing to chance in the demanding process of personnel search.

Megatrends are changing the world of work

Digital Transformation requires
New Profiles and Search Paths

Digitalisation, globalisation and demographic change – these are some of the megatrends that have been shaping the world of work for some time now. The digital transformation places new and higher demands on employees. Established job and task profiles are changed, replaced or new ones are added. Candidates with appropriate profiles and digital fluency must be found and won over in a competitive market.

Against this background, search methods have also changed. Social media and countless online tools for recruiting and assessing people suggest speed, reach and objectivity. Automation and artificial intelligence also promise to take over the pre-selection of candidates. But which online and offline solutions lead to success? We use a variety of search paths and channels. Digital and analogue, not “either/or”, but “and”. We use the optimal tools for each project step – making the best decisions and finding the top candidates for our clients.