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White-Collar Crime: The Underestimated Problem
According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, white-collar crime in Germany is responsible for about half of all damage caused by criminal offences, even if it only accounts for about one to two percent of all offences. Although there are no reliable statistics and a high number of unreported cases can be assumed, the figure can be assumed to be between EUR 4 and 5 billion euros per year. This figure alone makes it clear that it is of enormous importance for companies to protect their employees and their company assets and to give more weight to the areas of corporate security and compliance. Not least because the number of crimes in which the Internet is used as a weapon is increasing significantly. While many large corporations are already dealing with this topic and have corresponding resources available, a large number of medium-sized companies are not aware of the security risks.

TOPOS Personalberatung: Competence Center for Corporate Security

For companies, it is essential to prepare themselves internally in the area of corporate security and to implement processes and structures with suitable employees that are exclusively dedicated to this purpose. All this, of course, while being inconspicuous and not disturbing the ongoing business.

Employees from Corporate Security, Compliance and Governance regularly face this very challenging task. In addition to excellent specialist knowledge, they need a sense of the situation, resistance to stress, negotiating skills, assertiveness and the self-image to focus on what is feasible. Knowledge and qualities that need to be sought specifically.


TOPOS Personalberatung has set up its own Competence Centre to identify these special candidate profiles in a targeted manner. To achieve optimum results, we have developed special search and analysis processes that include, among other things, a multi-stage pre-employment screening process. Our consultants draw on the experience of their own careers in military security and have built up a corresponding network in numerous projects.


With the support of TOPOS headhunters, the issue of corporate security becomes a factor for success that ensures the long-term value of your company.

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Corporate Security


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