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TOPOS Personalberatung is the exclusive German partner of the IESF (International Executive Search Federation). As such, we guarantee professional and reliable support in the recruitment of executives across the globe.

The IESF is the association of leading independent executive search consultancies from Europe, America, Asia and Australia and, with around 50 offices in currently 25 countries, is the number one global network in the field of executive search. The network was founded in 2002 by partners in Asia and Europe – including TOPOS Personalberatung – with the clear vision of finding the best talents and managers for clients in almost every part of the world. This requires partners who are established in the particular market, are familiar with the culture and know the recruitment processes.

You can always let us direct the project from our German office, you can work with one of our on-site partners, or we can tailor the project organisation to your special needs and requirements. The filling of management positions at the international level is always guaranteed through consistent quality and professionalism, as well as our longstanding relationships with our partners.

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IESF Germany’s partner, Topos Personalberatung, collaborates seamlessly with IESF The Netherlands, Van de Groep & Olsthoorn, to orchestrate a successful cross-border CEO selection process for Allied Vision Technologies GmbH and the German 2D Vision Group of TKH.

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