Executive Search

Filling Management
Positions Effectively

Executive Search

Filling Management Positions Effectively

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Economic success is made by people. The right people in the right position – especially in the management team – decide on the future and the success of a company. Exceptional managers are the ones who set the direction, increase team performance and create sustainable competitive advantages with their ideas. Conversely, a wrong decision in terms of personnel is not only annoying and costly, at management level a mistake can have serious consequences. A top manager or a mediocre executive – this difference decides in case of doubt whether a project or the entire company will succeed or fail.

We help our clients to distinguish average from great. Our goal: to find the best managerial personality for your task and your company so that you can be one step ahead of the competition!

Our Competitive Advantages

Experience, Expertise, Network

Comprehensive industry knowledge, familiarity with various organisational structures and a profound understanding of functional responsibilities are basic prerequisites in the search process. The TOPOS headhunters specialise in industries in which they can demonstrate their own successful careers. They are familiar with their clients’ market and general conditions and have first-class networks that guarantee access to the best candidates.

Meticulous research and analysis in line with requirements using the latest methods, professional interview techniques and a trained assessment competence paired with scientific diagnostic tools – this is the foundation of our successful executive search process. Our practice does not follow every algorithm that is currently in vogue, but relies on tried and tested, valid procedures and the many years of experience of our consultants. Loyalty, discretion and trust are a matter of course for us and have the highest priority in our cooperation with clients. We are only satisfied when we exceed your expectations.