Personalberater Thomas Holtmann

Finding Executives for the Digital Transformation

Thomas Holtmann

The first time Thomas Holtmann sat in front of a computer, no one was talking about networking. But at each of the stops in his professional path – Head of Sales for an office furniture company, Advertising Manager, Founder and Managing Director of an economic and online publisher, Building Exhibitor Sales for a major German trade fair company – the internet and digitalization became increasingly important. It’s still the people, though, that drive a company forward.

In sales, at publishing houses, in marketing and in business settings, digital opportunities have changed a lot of processes, creating new challenges for executives and employees. In over ten years as Human Resources Consultant, Thomas Holtmann has enjoyed finding people for companies that are active in these dynamic digital markets and want to grow in that area. Candidates looking for an ambitious and challenging work environment will find the right contact in him.

Thomas Holtmann has been Managing Director of the TOPOS Personalberatung in Munich, Europe’s second-largest media location, since 2012.

Telephone: +49 (0)89-452237-810
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