Personalberater Thomas Wilde

Expertise from Hamburg

Thomas Wilde

Born in Hamburg, working in Hamburg for TOPOS Personalberatung: Thomas Wilde, who has been with TOPOS since 2011 as a Managing Partner and works primarily in the industrial, TIMES and corporate security sectors, is a Hamburg man through and through.

Like almost all true Hamburgers, Thomas Wilde initially spent time in far-flung corners of the globe: Not only did he complete a degree in economics during his time with the Bundeswehr, he also was deployed in numerous NATO countries as an officer. He then decided to move into the free market and human resources consulting: After gaining experience at Baumgartner & Partner, he worked with a number of colleagues to set up a well-known consulting firm in Germany. He worked on international projects for Neumann Partners from the Hamburg office. The Hanseatic city in the north is also his home port for TOPOS Personalberatung.

Telephone: +49 (0)40-278499-60