Direct Search

The Key to Successful Personnel Search: Actively Approaching Specialists and Managers

The terms “direct search”, “direct approach”, “active sourcing” and “executive search” are often used synonymously in personnel consulting. This demanding and time-consuming service is distinct from pure recruitment, which is more simply a compilation of many candidate profiles from databases based on a few key data, usually without an in-depth examination of personal and professional suitability.


This way, it is very difficult to find top candidates with profiles that meet the requirements. Those who are successful or even leading in their field of activity are usually not actively looking for a new challenge. A “direct search” is the solution of choice to reach top-class candidates in a passive job market. This means that specialists and executives are carefully identified and specifically approached – often before they have even considered the idea of a change. And this is where persuasion is required! In a job market in which the company itself becomes an applicant, TOPOS Personalberatung actively searches for you, finds candidates who match your requirement profile as closely as possible and inspires potential employees to work with your company.


Our mission is to maintain open communication between you as our client and us as your consultant, as well as continuous coordination during the search process. In this way, we challenge both you and ourselves, and our success proves us right.