Personalberaterin Doris de Werth

Bringing the right people together

Doris de Werth

A Munich native in the north and at home in the world. That is the credo of Doris de Werth, a widely traveled northerner by choice. Essential for her is always the contact and intensive interaction with people – and the drive to study sociology, psychology and intercultural communication after her commercial training.


Her diploma thesis in the field of body-in-white construction pointed the way to industry: After working in project management, organizational development, PR and management consulting, the passionate networker spent many years as a sales manager at one of the world’s leading trade fair companies, primarily serving customers in the IT and software, environmental and automation technology, and mechanical and plant engineering sectors.

Her personal focus: bringing the right people together.


The best reasons for TOPOS to bring Doris de Werth into the team in Hamburg as a personnel consultant. Clients in particular from the plant and mechanical engineering and automation technology sectors will benefit from her experience.